Blunder, Error or Catastrophe?

Some mess-ups by legal professionals are hilarious. But sometimes, there can be very serious consequences. The most terrible situations occur when crucial details of a case are ignored; the blunders that result in tragic consequences are the ones that need to be remembered and learnt from. The obvious question is why do professionals not notice the signs? Surely this is what they are there for, to prevent catastrophes.

Last September, Sabina Akhtar was stabbed to death by her husband following a series of legal blunders and ignored appeals. Akhtar’s abusive husband Mannan was arrested for attempted assault after attacking her in his sleep, but then incredulously released on bail on condition that he did not approach his wife. However, his wife had already reported a series of abuses and threats to kill her, and he still walked free.

He then broke his bail, and was arrested again. The CPS however, decided to release him AGAIN without charge, and removed his bail conditions. The Daily Mail published details of a text he sent his wife days before he killed her: ‘I am a free man… case file closed. Isn’t it great.’ Mannan was still stalking her, sending her constant threats that made Sabina continually fear for her life and safety.

On September 12th, 2008, Mannan stabbed his wife to death in her flat. This dangerous man was allowed to walk free of all charge, following what can only be described as legal catastrophes; failing to notice any of the signs that the Bangladeshi woman may be in danger. She will be brought to justice now, but I think we can agree that that is far too little, far too late.

We can laugh at funny judicial slip ups, but sometimes legal blunders can be very serious. Whether the legal professionals behind these failures get away with it is another matter, but in this case, blunders came at the price of a woman’s life, despite her informing authorities, and the murderer being tried twice, and that is unacceptable.

Source- Daily Mail