Scandal in South Africa

It causes one to question the South African court system when the lead detective in one of the world’s most current high profile court cases has attempted murder charges. When selecting the detective, it is interesting that these charges slipped through the net of the legal authorities.

Hilton Botha is facing charges after firing on a minibus full of people in 2011, Police spokesman Brigadier Neville Malila said. Botha and two other policemen allegedly tried to stop a minibus, and shots were fired. At the time, Botha – a detective with 24 years of service – was chasing a man accused of murdering a woman and disposing of her body down a drain, local media said.

Originally, Botha’s charges were withdrawn, but 10 days before Oscar Pistorius shot law graduate girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp in his Pretoria home, the detective’s charges were reinstated.

Malila has stated that the reinstated charges have caused an internal disciplinary investigation regarding whether the detective should be kept on the case. This resulted in the replacement of the detective, to one without a criminal case on his back. Fair, I think.

This jolted the case somewhat, but prosecutors are doing all they can to get the Bladerunner into jail and his removal was the latest blow to a suffering prosecution case, due to mishaps in the court during the bail hearing, including admissions that there is a possibility police may have altered the crime scene in some way.

This can be called a blunder in my opinion. This case has the potential to be one of the most famous in history, shaping up to be as big as the OJ Simpson case back in 1997. Whatever the result turns out to be for the previously adored and highly acclaimed Olympian, the choice of detective has been brought into question. The high profile nature of the trial leaves no room for scandals such as a criminally involved chief detective…